Tree Surgery

Significant experience in all aspects of tree surgery and arboriculture work.

We’re able to confidently handle all aspects, from small scale tree surgery to more specialist services, including veteran tree surgery.

Our service includes:

  • Tree surveys: Assessing the physical integrity of trees and identify any structural problems
  • Tree healthcare: Identifying and safely treating any potential health problems including common issues such as Honey Fungus and Powdery Mildew
  • Tree maintenance – trimming foliage and safe removal of dead branches

Mill Gardens can help in a number of important areas relating to the trees on your grounds. . .

Public health and safety: Our experienced team can conduct regular checks of trees within public spaces, residential areas and communal areas so that safety issues are identified and dealt with quickly to ensure the safety of residents and the general public.

Insurance validation: We can help advise you on regulatory matters surrounding insurance on your properties, work with you to complete risk assessments and ensure you’re meeting statutory tree maintenance requirements to ensure continued validation of your insurance.

Tree preservation orders: We have the knowledge and resources to check the situation regarding tree preservation orders in all areas, from residential developments to major woodland areas so that you can be sure that planned works are carried out in accordance to regulation.

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